Im Emma Stanley, a nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, wellness coach, personal trainer, competitive crossfitter and health enthusiast!

I started my journey of health and wellness when I was a teenager. I was always into my fitness and healthy eating (or what I thought was healthy eating!). Then when it came to deciding what I wanted to do with my life I decided I wanted to help others get enthusiastic about fitness! Thats when I trained to be a personal trainer. So I started working as a PT, working for myself, enjoying the variety of clients, however, slowly I was getting more and more into the nutrition side of my work, rather than the training side.

One Christmas I took my boyfriend (now husband!) to a health farm for a few nights. While we were there we both had a nutrition consultation. I found it fascinating and found out where she studied. A month later I was enrolled on a Naturopathic Nutrition course!

3 years later I was fully qualified and raring to go!


Now about my health…… 

When I was a teenager I thought I was healthy. I ran lots and ate healthy food. However, I would also binge drink and eat at weekends..most weekends, and I had been taking the contraceptive pill since the age of 16.

I thought I was healthy, no symptoms of any problems, healthy weight, regular periods, exercised etc.

However, one year into my nutrition course I decided to come off the pill; after learning about all the effects it has on your natural hormones, nutrient stores and the long term side effects. 10 months later, I still hadnt had a period. 10 MONTHS!! I went to see my doctor after 4 months and told me I had no issues but come back in 3 months. I went back in 3 months, again, they didnt do anything. I went to see an acupuncturist, who did some work on me, and the next day, I started. Few!!

However, next month.nothing. Another 4 months go by, I go back to the doctors and again they didnt do anything. I went to the acupuncturist and 2 days later, I start. 

This happened for about 3 years…… NOT healthy!

I went back and forth to the doctors to try and persuade them to do some tests on me. After about 6 tries, they decide to test a couple of hormones only a couple. They came back fine, so I was ok! I got told I was fine and come back when I want to conceive! In my opinion, when I want to conceive is a little too late to start to get my hormones back (as it can take years!!). I kept pushing for them to do more tests and scans. They agreed to a scan, but no more hormone tests!!! All the scans came back fine, so it had to be the other hormones that werent tested for.

During this time, I did have a lot of stress going on in my life. I was training for a competition, lots of family issues, an intense college course, plus running my own business and planning our wedding!! None of this helped and obviously played a part in the problem.

However, I believe it was the pill that had messed up my hormonal balance, and I needed to get it back.

To do this I did a lot of functional testing, as I believe it is the only way to find out what is really going on in the body. I did a massive amount of testing (we couldve probably got married again with the money I spent!), but it was ALL worth is for my health.

The test that really made a difference was the hormonal profile. This showed the issues I had, surprisingly it wasnt stress that was the issue, it was my female hormones. I changed parts of my diet and started a supplement program. One week later I started, 6 weeks later another, 4 weeks later another, and so on. Now I am happy to say I am back to normal :-)

I still feel like there is more healing to be done, but I am defiantly getting to optimal health. I am so thankful for the journey I have been on and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest will take me. 

It is because of this experience that I feel so passionate about the power of food, nutrients and testing. This is what I really try to pass onto my clients. As well as the fact that it doesnt have to be boring! Just about anything can be made healthier!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey, now lets start on yours!


I believe:-

  • Dont wait till youre ill, get healthy today so you can prevent it!
  • Being skinny isnt healthy and not eating doesnt get you anywhere but unhealthy.
  • Fats do not make you fat, they help heal the body.
  • Most of us are overfed, but starving of nutrients, which is why we over eat.
  • The food industry dont always have our health in mind, most of the time just their wallets.
  • Functional testing is so important for optimal wellness, how else do we know whats going on in the body?
  • Eat healthy, natural, whole foods, and a healthy weight will follow.
  • Health is not just what you put into the body, but also how you live your life, think and breathe.
  • No two people are the same, so no two diets should be the same. We all have different nutritional needs.
  • Dont always believe the health claims on food packets, adverts, in books and on the TV.
  • All areas of your life have an effect on your health; sleep, stress, exercise, food, environment etc.
  • The gut is the seed of all health; it is where 70-80% of your immune system is.
  • You cannot achieve optimal health until you have created a state of hormonal equilibrium.
  • Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix weight loss diet.
  • Eating healthy doesnt mean boring food and boring life!
  • Nothings better than a chocolaty healthy dessert! 
  • There is a way everyone can achieve optimum health, however, sometimes it may take a while and a bit of trial and error.
  • Health is not about deprivation, counting calories, weighing food or dieting.
  • Food should come from the ground, not a microwave, packet or drive through.
  • Let food be our medicine.