Some of you will be interested, some of you will not, but the reason I’m writing this blog is to let others in a similar position know about our experience. I was told I would need IVF, I had irregular menstrual cycles, a negative pregnancy test, and bleeding….but I am 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby :-) So I want to spread the word!

So if you’ve read my ‘About Me” page you will have read about my history with my hormonal health and reproductive health. Since 2011 after coming off the contraceptive pill I have had hormonal issues. I didn’t have a period for 2 years and then only 2-3 the year after! I did a lot of work using private functional testing, nutrition, lifestyle & supplementation to get my cycle back. For the last 2 years is has been more regular, but still not a 28 day cycle like it should be. It would range from 20-45 days, but some cycles would be 60 days!

During the 2 years without a period I was told I would need IVF when I wanted to have a child. That’s a pretty scary thing to be told, but I knew it wasn’t set in stone. If I had just believed what the doctor had told me and gone back on the pill like they wanted me to, I would probably have needed IVF. But I knew I was in charge of my body and I knew I could take charge of my own health. 

As I say, it took me about a year after that to get a regular-ish cycle. Lots of hard work and continued lifestyle changes kept my cycle every month or so.

I stayed away from any forms of contraception. When you take hormone contraception it stops your body from having to make its own hormones. This means that for many women, when coming off the form of contraception, the body no longer remembers how to make them! This is pretty scary! 

I got to know my body and when I was ovulating (as you are only actually fertile 3-4 days a month), and we used the pull out method when I wasn’t sure when I was fertile.

By the way…if you have a period, you ovulate. Even if you have only one a year, you are still ovulating. However, if you have a period every month, you ovulate 12 times a year. If you only have one period a year, you only ovulate once a year. This means you have a lot less fertile days in the year. But, you COULD still get pregnant! It is a common misconception that if you’re not regular, you're not ovulating, but this isn’t true.

Obviously we were unsure if these methods of contraception were working. I could've not been getting pregnant because the doctor was right and I was infertile!! But when we decided to try for a baby, we got pregnant first time….which was a total shock and we were not expecting it at all. I was obviously very happy I was pregnant, but I was also very happy that these contraception methods actually worked!!

As I had spent the last couple of years listening to my body and when I was ovulating, I knew when my fertile days were. Many of us nowadays don’t know how to listen to our bodies as we often get told how to feel, how to eat, how to exercise etc. But our bodies give us signs and tell us what it needs and what it doesn't.

We got pregnant when on holiday in Bali. Three days before the end of the holiday I started feeling really strange. It crossed my mind I might be pregnant but the feeling was similar to the feeling when I’m about to come on, so I tried not to get too excited! The day after that, I started bleeding. We were both really upset but we kept telling ourselves that it very rarely happens first time so we shouldn't be upset.

The next couple of days I still felt really strange, plus, I wasn’t having a proper period. Something wasn’t right. I was so in tune with my body that I thought I was either pregnant or I had caught something while on holiday!

On the flight on the way home I kept getting hot flushes, feeling nauseas and a bit shaky. It wasn’t pleasant and I was worrying I was really ill!!

When we got home I got a pregnancy test. It was negative. Again, we were upset, but knew it was rare so we just had to try again next month.

However, I still thought I was pregnant. It was strange how sure I was, even though I had been told by a test (which is something like 98% accurate!), I didn’t believe it! 

I thought it might have just been a bit too early for the test to detect. So a week later I did another test and it was POSITIVE!! I was so happy that I wasn’t a crazy lady convincing herself she was pregnant when wasn’t!! 

That day I went to the doctors to book an appointment but got told you don’t get seen until 8 weeks! 8 WEEKS!!! I couldn’t wait that long! It seemed like ages away, and I wanted a proper blood test!!! But that’s not what happens…!

Anyway, that weekend we had a retreat which was very tiring and busy, and I started spotting. Obviously I was getting a little stressed and worried that something was wrong. I started googling (which isn’t really the best thing to do), but on a lot of forums it said that it’s nothing to worry about and it’s normal.

Even though I had read it was normal, I did another pregnancy test a few days later just to check…and it was still positive…phew!

The next few weeks I kept getting some spotting but I just kept reminding myself that it’s normal.

We then went to see the midwife at 8 weeks. It was lots of questions, but no test to confirm! So we had another 4 weeks to wait until a scan.

It seemed like a lifetime to wait until the first scan! But when we got to see the little one for the first time is was a huge relief! It was proof that I actually was pregnant and all the spotting was nothing to worry about!

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and have had our 20 week abnormality scan today. Everything is good and the little one is healthy with all fingers and toes!! I can't believe that's the last time we get to see him/her till the day!!

So that’s our story of preconception and how we found out. If you’re going through a similar situation I hope this has helped you relax a little. It can all be a bit daunting and scary! 

Also, if you have been on the pill for years and have just come off and have no cycle, don’t worry! There is so much you can do but you might have to work for it, but please don’t go back on the pill to ‘regulate your cycle’, which you may get advised to do. These are synthetic hormones and will not help your body create it’s own hormones. The sooner you can get your body to create it’s own hormones again the better.

If you want any help or advise please contact me.

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