Christmas is about spending time with family and friends....which usually means eating out, lots of food and alcohol! But you can still have these days/nights out and be healthy (ish!). Here are some of my top tips to keep your body on your side this Christmas!

  1. Start the day off right - warm water, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar as soon as you wake up will kick start your digestive juices, help cleanse the liver and is very alkalising which is just what you need over Christmas when eating and drinking more!
  2. Eat all your ‘normal’ meals the same - this means, any meal where you’re not out at a restaurant or at other peoples houses! You are therefore in control. Just eat what you would normally eat (which is ideally healthy!)
  3. Have a healthy balanced breakfast - meaning it must have quality protein, essential fats and phytonutrients! This means fruits and veggies! Green juices and smoothies are great at this time of year to make up for the lack of nutrients in other meals!
  4. Intermittent fasting - I’m not talking about starving yourself for a few days! I mean trying to go 14-16 hours between eating your last meal (or snack or chocolate!) or the day to your first meal of the day. Most people would naturally fast for about 10 hours overnight, but prolonging this gives your digestive system a bit more of a rest (it’s put under quite a bit of stress around Christmas!)
  5. Drink lots of water - I’m always saying it’s important to stay hydrated, but at this time of year, even more so! All the alcohol, salty and sugary foods naturally dehydrate us, so increase what you would usually drink by about half.
  6. Chill out - many people get super stressed around this time of year, but it’s important to remember that Christmas is about spending time with the ones we love. Don’t ruin that by stressing about things that won’t really matter in a couple of days time! One way to help your body cope with added stress is to take time out to breathe, meditate, practice yoga, have a bath etc. All these exercises will help our nervous system switch to the para-sympathetic (the rest and digest) nervous system. Aim for at least 10min a day.
  7. Don’t feel guilty - this is about food and drink…..yes, this is a post about having a healthier Christmas, but being healthy isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. So don’t stress out about all the chocolates, christmas pudding, mulled wine etc you’ve consumed. If you’re going to have it, enjoy it and make the most of it! Guilt is worse than consuming the foods. It’ll be over in a couple of weeks anyway, so just enjoy what you really want. If you’re not fused about something, then don’t force it down you!
  8. Greens, greens and more greens! - Green veggies are super important all year round, but when you’re drinking more alcohol than normal, it’s important to try and up these wonderful veggies. They are full of fibre, antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytonutrients such as sulforaphane, insoles and flavonoids, living enzymes and more, which all aid the detoxification pathways in the liver and also aid digestion.
  9. Sleep - sleep is so important, especial when you’re putting more stress on your body. When you’re sleeping, you’re repairing your body, regulating hormones, switching to the para-sympathetic nervous system and more. 
  10. Exercise - don’t stop exercising just because it’s Christmas! Try to keep up with your usual routine, if you can’t, go out for walks with the family, practice some yoga at home, or go for a swim and sauna! Exercise keeps the lymph moving which is an essential part of detoxification and can also boost the immune system.

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