Magnesium is needed for over 300 reactions in the body. If we are not getting enough form our diet, or we are using too much through exercise or stress, for example, then we are going to be lacking this vital mineral.

5 signs you shouldn’t ignore-

  1. Cravings- if you’re not getting enough, your body will crave it! You may feel chronically exhausted and crave salty, carbohydrate rich and/or chocolaty foods.
  2. Muscle pains and cramps- magnesium is needed for muscle contraction, so if we are low, symptoms can include cramps, tension and soreness, spasms and tremors, muscle twitches and osteoporosis.
  3. Increased anxiety and stress- the adrenal glands (our stress glands) require magnesium to respond to stress. Symptoms of low magnesium may include anxiety, irritability, panic attacks and depression.
  4. Poor heart health- cardiovascular symptoms linked to low magnesium include heart palpitations, chest pain from spasms, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure and cardiac arrest.
  5. Neurological disturbances- when magnesium levels get too low, it’s common to experience hearing loss, ringing in the ear, migraines, hyperactivity, restlessness and insomnia. 

Make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium rich foods into your diet every day. These include dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, raw cacao, avocados, bananas and beans. You also need to be aware of your stress levels and activity levels, as both of these massively deplete magnesium stores.

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