Ok….so it’s Friday and the weekend is finally here! Obviously I would recommend not drinking so much that you need these natural ‘cures’, but I am realistic…I know some of you will! :-p

So below are some ways to get rid of that bad head. They don’t involve greasy bacon and sausages! They do involve lots of nutrients to help your body get rid of all those toxins from the alcohol (plus any food you had at 1am!!).

  1. Hydrate - alcohol is very dehydrating so make sure when you get home (if you can remember!), you drink a massive glass of water. Then, as soon as you get up, drink, drink, drink!! And keep drinking! Make sure its filtered water, not soda, flavoured water or squash. If you can, also try and drink one glass of water after every alcoholic drink. Coconut water is also amazing for hangovers as it replaces any lost electrolytes.
  2. Drink lots of warm water and lemon, and detox teas - lemon is very alkaline and aids liver detoxification. Defiantly have this as soon as you get up, as well as throughout the day. There are also lots of great detox teas on the market now, so try and drink these throughout the day as well (you can add a teabag to your warm water and lemon). Make sure you stay away from green tea, it speeds up phase 1 detoxification, not phase 2…therefore recirculates toxins (this doesn’t mean its bad normally, but it can make you feel worse when hungover!).
  3. Eat good nutritious food - make sure you eat well before and after you drink to give your body vital nutrients and amino acids for detoxification. Eat plenty of healthy proteins and fats, as well as green veggies such as eggs, avocados, broccoli, kale, nuts etc.
  4. Take a liver support supplement - a supplement that includes milk thistle (silymarin), rosemary, dandelion and N-acetyl-cysteine is great to take on the day, before bed, and the next day! (check with your doctor if on any medications).
  5. Sweat it out - sweating eliminates toxins and it gets the lymphatic system moving and blood flowing.
  6. Fill up the morning after - I don’t mean with a greasy fry up! This needs to be easy digestible foods. I would recommend a green smoothie with banana, spinach, natural protein powder (I use Sunwarrior), avocado and coconut water. If you have any green powder, add that in too to give you a boost of nutrients. If you have a juicer, you can also make a juice. If you fancy solid food, poached eggs and avocado on rye bread will do the trick!

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