I love both juices and smoothies, they both have very different and great benefits. There’s so much variety with smoothies which makes them fun and exciting to make. Below are 5 rules I always stick to when making a smoothie. Often, when I recommend smoothies to my clients, they think I’m talking about just fruit smoothies, but that is not at all what I mean. If you make your smoothie with just fruit, you are more likely to get a blood sugar dip, as well as missing out on the opportunity to add nutrient packed veggies and superfoods!

Follow these rules for stable blood sugars, a massive nutrient hit, and a tasty breakfast/snack option :-)

  1. Add veggies - not just fruit! I always recommend starting with spinach as it doesn’t have a huge amount of flavour. You can also add lettuce, kale, rocket, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon etc. The list goes on! :-)
  2. Add protein - this can be in the form of a natural protein powder. I always rave about sunwarrior protein powder, but Pulsin also have great natural and raw powders. If you didn’t want to use a powder, you can make your own from blitzing nuts, seeds, quinoa, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flaxseeds in a food processor until fine. You can make a big batch so it lasts a few weeks.
  3. Add fats - fats are essential and super healthy, they are also really tasty in smoothies and make them more filling. Opt for fats such as avocado, chia seeds, coconut oil etc. If you like thick smoothies avocado is great!
  4. Liquid - use a healthy liquid, not fruit juice or dairy! I love using coconut water as it’s so hydrating because it’s full of electrolytes. If I don’t have any coconut water, I use unsweetened (homemade if possible) almond or coconut milk. You could also use a freshly made veggie juice.
  5. Add superfoods - there are so many superfood powders around nowadays, so experiment with them! I love a simple green powder such as Synergy’s Supergreens. There’s also raw cacao powder (amazing chocolaty shake :-) ), maca powder, lumaca powder, acai powder etc. You can also add herbs and spices which are great, cheap superfoods! For example, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger etc.

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