After my post yesterday I wanted to share my love for smoothie bowls! These are just like smoothies, but nice and thick…so you can eat them with a spoon! To some this may seem disgusting, but trust me, they’re amazing! 

There’s a number of ways to make your smoothie nice and thick. 

  • Add frozen fruit and veg - adding these frozen makes the smoothie nice and cold, but also super thick. I love freezing ripe bananas and I buy frozen organic spinach and berries too. You can also buy frozen acai blocks which are great for making acai bowls!
  • Add avocado - this make the smoothie thick and creamy
  • Add chia or flax seeds - if you add these and leave it to sit for 10min or more, they will absorb the liquid, making the smoothie lovely and thick.
  • Add less liquid - this is the obvious one! Get to your desired thickness by adding slowly adding liquid.
  • Other things that can make it thicker include oats, nut butters, granola and creamed coconut.


Below are some amazingly healthy and delicious smoothie bowl recipes for you to try :-)

Super thick peanut butter smoothie bowl- 

Ginger berry beet anti-inflammatory smoothie bowl- 

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