Chia seeds are a miracle food! Full of protein, omega 3s and fibre! They are also really easy to add into your daily diet. Here are some great, delicious things to do with them-

  1. Chia seed pudding -
  2. Chia seed jam -
  3. Add to raw energy balls (this recipe doesn’t include chia seeds, but they can be added! Roughly 2-4 tbsp) -
  4. Add to cakes instead of eggs -
  5. Sprinkle on salads
  6. Add to granola bars -
  7. Add to porridge to make it nice and thick
  8. Add to smoothies. If you leave it for at least 10min the chia seeds will soak up some of the liquid and make the smoothie nice and thick :-) This is one of my favourite recipes!-

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