How you start the day is so important! It can affect your cravings, attitude and mood for the day. Here are 5 things to do before 9am to give you energy and a positive attitude for the day-

  1. As soon as you wake up drink 2 pints of filtered water. When we wake up we are dehydrated as we usually haven’t drank anything for about 8 hours. Drinking straight away will rehydrate your body. This will also flush out toxins and aid detoxification for the day. It is also 2 pints down on your recommended 2-3 litres a day (I prefer 3 litres!).
  2. Stay away from your phone until you have finished your morning routine! I find this one of the toughest things to do…but it is just as important as the others! Nowadays, most of us look at our phone as soon as we get up, check social media and emails. This straight away switches our body to the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight), when we want to spend as much time as possible in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system.
  3. Drink warm water and lemon. This wakes up the liver and digestive system to aid detoxification.
  4. Meditate and get moving! Meditation has so many benefits, so even just 10min a day can improve your health. Headspace is a great app for this ( After 10min of meditation it’s time to get moving! This could be yoga, walking, running, going to the gym, crossfit etc. This gets it out the way so you don’t get to the evening and find any excuse not to do it!
  5. Eat a nutritious breakfast. The food we put in our body in the morning is so important. If it’s not right, it can cause blood sugar dips, energy dips and cravings throughout the day. Make sure there’s some good quality protein and fats, as well as lots of phytonutrients from fruits and/or vegetables.

Obviously everyone has a different schedule and routine, but try and make your morning a priority so you feel energised for the day ahead!

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