So next week is Easter. A weekend full of chocolate, treats and family meals! However, it doesn't have to be naughty and full of guilt! Below are some simple tips to help you stay healthy over this holiday.

  • Don’t stress out! So many of my clients begin to stress around holidays, birthdays, or family get togethers because they can’t control what they eat. The worse thing to do is to stress! This will increase cortisol which will increase fat storage and lower hormones levels. Just relax about it, make the best choices you can, and don’t feel guilty.
  • Make healthy swaps. If you have followed me for a while, you will have noticed I love chocolate! But it’s never ‘normal’ chocolate full of trans fats and refined sugar. Opt for raw cacao, raw chocolate (like OM bars), make your own raw chocolate, or even 90% dark chocolate. If you’re making a dessert for the family, try and use a natural sweetener such as honey, dates or maple syrup. Instead of flour you could use almond, coconut or rice flour, and instead of margarine you could use coconut oil or organic butter.
  • Enjoy a treat if you truly want it. If you really want some of your mums easter cake, have some! You don’t want to feel restricted as this will make you want more, and you’ll probably reach for something else.
  • Eat normally the rest of the day. If you are having a family meal in the evening, it doesn’t mean the whole day is a right off! You can still have a nutritious breakfast and lunch.
  • Get straight back to your normal eating habits the next day. Don’t think that just because you had one unhealthy meal, you can and may as well eat unhealthy for the rest of the weekend or even week! Your body can get over one meal easily, but not a whole week!
  • Make sure you’re getting your greens. Try and get green into every meal. Dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli are great, as well as avocados for some essential fats.
  • Keep moving. Try to more at least 30min a day, whether it’s yoga, walking, crossfit, gym or playing sport, it’s all great!

Have an amazing Easter and make sure you don’t feel guilty. The guilt is much worse than the food!

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