Going organic is always the best choice when buying foods, many people know that, but why? Here are my top 6 reasons for going organic-

  1. Avoiding chemicals - many people who are sceptical about organic foods state that they contain no more nutrients, so whats the point. There are some studies that show they do contain more nutrients, but there are also some that show they don't. However, the main reason I try and get people to buy organic is the fact there are no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides on or in the food. All these chemicals increase your need for nutrients due to the fact your liver has to work harder to get them out your body. So if you’re eating none organic foods, your need for nutrients is higher, but if you keep consuming the chemicals, you will never meet that extra need. We are also unsure of the long herm health effects of these chemicals. 90% of the chemicals have not been tested for long term health effects before being deemed ‘safe’. So to prevent any unknown health effects, choose organic!
  2. They taste better - It really is amazing! When we switched to organic foods, we couldn’t believe all the different flavours. Carrots stood out the most for use, as well as meats. If you think vegetables taste bland, try organic!
  3. No/less hormone disruptors - it’s not just food that should be organic. Shampoo, face wash, make up, cleaning products etc should also be organic. These contain hormone disrupting phthalates and parabens which have been linked to cancer and type 2 diabetes. They’re also more gentle on the skin which can help protect against premature aging.
  4. Pesticides are making us fat - synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, even at low doses, increase the risk of becoming overweight and obese. This is due to the hormone disruptors I mentioned above. They affect our natural weight-loss chemistry.
  5. Pesticides can affect your vitamin D levels - vitamin D is a very important vitamin that has been shown to improve the immune system, ward off cancer, diabetes, infections and much more. Pesticides interfere with the body’e metabolism of vitamin D. So it doesn’t matter how much you’re getting, they prevent your body from absorbing it properly.
  6. Organic farming preserves our ecosystems - obviously avoiding chemicals is better for our environment as well as us. It mean wildlife such as insects, frogs, birds etc can thrive and play their roles in the ecosystem. 

It’s also important to remember that just because a food is organic, it doesn’t make it a food for optimum health. You can still get organic chocolate, crisps, pizzas etc. Yes, they’re much better than their non-organic equivalent, and some of the brands are good, but if you’re looking for optimal health, stick to whole, natural foods and ingredients.

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