I can’t believe I am 32 weeks this week! Only 2 months to go :-) It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my pregnancy so here’s what I’ve been up to, how I’ve been feeling etc.

The last time I wrote about my pregnancy was at 20 weeks. Since then a lot has happened, I’m actually feeling human again….plus I have got a LOT bigger!! Which is good :-)

In the last 12 weeks my energy levels have been back to normal. I have the odd day where I get tired, but it’s pretty normal. I do notice that if I have a really busy day or we've been out and done lots of walking, I am pretty shattered! I just make sure I listen to my body and try not to push it too far.

When I was about 24 weeks we hosted a retreat in Glastonbury. It was a great weekend, however I was shattered after! The weekend was full on with yoga classes, nutrition workshops, walks, and generally making sure everyone was happy. I didn’t get much chance to sit down! The first night I only got a couple of hours sleep due to the fact I forgot something quite important and I was stressing about it!! Even though Neil said he would sort it all in the morning and to not worry…I still worried. The rest of the weekend I was running off adrenaline (and good food!!) because I was so tired! As soon as I sat in the car to go home, I crashed. I didn’t want to talk or do anything! That night I think I slept for about 14 hours!! The next day was a total chill out day to give my body a rest and to try to reduce all the stress hormones that had been running round my body that weekend (the guests had a very different experience though :-) feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the weekend!).

I have managed to train in the last 12 weeks. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the weights, I still walk everyday and do yoga about 3-4 times a week. 

My sickness has pretty much disappeared. I sometimes feel nauseous in the morning or after certain meals, but it’s quite rare. There was one morning when I was at 28 weeks where it felt like I had gone back 15 weeks!! I ate my breakfast and straight away had to run to the bathroom! I then did some research and found out many women who had bad sickness in early pregnancy can get it again in the 3rd trimester! I was so worried it was back, but luckily, it was just a one off :-)

I haven’t been getting any of the usual symptoms for the 3rd trimester (yet). My digestion is good, no reflux and I’m still going regularly. I very much put this down to eating healthy, high fibre and easy to digest foods. I am going 2-3 times a day which is what I always aim to get clients to do. I’m getting a little back ache and an ache in my sacroiliac joint. I have found yoga, sitting up straight and massage useful. I am also planning on going for osteopathy before 36 weeks to check my pelvis is all in line. This will help with any aches, but can also help with labour (if the pelvis isn’t in the right position it can make labour difficult). I haven’t had any swelling either, so hopefully this will stay away! I’m making sure I’m drinking lots of water which should be keeping this at bay. My sleep is great, which is another thing women often struggle with at this stage. Most nights I sleep at least 8 hours and I very rarely get up in the night. I have been getting a slight bruising pain just above my belly button but the midwife says this could just be muscle stretching or bruising from little one kicking me!!

My bump is now getting pretty big! I’m starting to struggle to put shoes and socks on how I normally would, so having to adapt! Little one is moving around lots :-) at 20 weeks it was just little flutters which gradually got bigger, now I can actually feel him/her rolling around and moving arms and legs! Most evenings when I’m sat on the sofa my belly is constantly changing shape, like he/she is having a party in there! I often see a little bump which I think could be a hand or elbow! It’s such an incredible feeling but also very strange! 

We are pretty much ready for little one to arrive! We have started NCT classes, attended a hypnobirthing class (I will talk more about this in another blog), got most things we need to start with and decided on what we’re going to be doing when little one decides to come! 

We are planning on having a home birth. I decided I wanted this at about 24 weeks. I have read a couple of hypnobirthing and natural birthing books and it just seems to make sense. We spoke to the midwife about it and she said they actively encourage it and that it’s just as safe as hospital if you are having a low risk pregnancy. I am aware that there is still 8 weeks to go so things could change and if I need, I will go into hospital, however, for me, this is totally the right decision. It’s where I feel safe and relaxed, which is what is needed during labour. If I go to hospital, I know I will feel uncomfortable, which I definitely don’t want. We are having a water birth at home and the birthing pool arrived yesterday, which is exciting! So we will be doing a trial run in the next week or two! Many women feel nervous about labour, however I can’t wait! I am so excited and looking forward to experiencing it :-) We’re planning on making our house so cosy with fairy lights, lovely smells, music etc. so little one will hopefully arrive into a calm and relaxing environment.

Some things I’ve started doing and will be introducing are -

  • Every evening since about 20 weeks I have been rubbing my belly with coconut oil to keep it soft to hopefully reduce stretch marks! I don’t have any yet….so fingers crossed it’s working and will carry on working!
  • Listen to my hypnobirthing tracks 4 times a week and mediate daily saying positive birthing affirmations. 
  • Using lavender oil at bed time. I will also be using lavender as a scent during labour so it reminds me of relaxation.
  • Drinking raspberry leaf tea. Some research suggests this helps to strengthen the uterus. It tastes nice (a bit like green tea), so even if it doesn’t do anything (not that I’ll know, as I have nothing to compare it to!), I haven’t suffered!!
  • Squatting - I try to do this daily. It doesn’t have to be reps of squats, but more sitting in the squatting position to help get baby in the right position.
  • Walking daily, again to help baby move into the right position.
  • Sitting with my knees lower than my hips. Again to help baby get into the right position.
  • I’m still taking all my supplements which I wrote about in this blog.
  • I will be taking evening primrose oil in 2 weeks time which has been show to help soften the cervix.
  • I am planning on starting perineal massage this week. The NHS, hypnobirthing and NCT all recommend it to help soften the perineal muscle to reduce any damage. I’m not really looking forward to it, but it’ll be worth it! 

I think that’s everything at the moment! I could write an essay about everything but I will just write extra blogs about certain topics. Please let me know if there is any topic you would like to know more about.

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