Do you feel like some foods don't agree with you and make you feel tired, bloated and LETHARGIC? It could be a food intolerance.

There are two types of allergic reactions. Type A (classic allergy) when a reaction occurs immediately after contract with an allergen (e.g. peanuts) or Type B (delayed allergy or intolerance) when the reaction can take place between one hour or more days. Symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, water retention, fatigue, aching joints and headaches can all be due to a Type B allergy/intolerance. It is possible to have a blood test which analysis's 200+ different foods by measuring the release of certain chemicals which are responsible for the symptoms of a food intolerance. You would then know which foods you are reacting to and these can be avoided for a short period of time. Unlike a Type A allergy, these foods would not have to be avoided indefinitely.

The Test

The test costs just £291.60 inc VAT and provides you with a detailed report. NOTE- if you are vegetarian or vegan there are separate tests with are £162 inc VAT. There is also a Herbs and Spices test which is £111.60 inc VAT.


This test is only available with a nutritional consultation.

I don’t believe it’s correct for anyone to receive results of a functional test without having a qualified professional explain what the results mean and to be provided a plan of action.

A consultation will involve going through the results and will take an hour and costs just £85 and you will also receive a nutrition plan.

If you prefer, the consultation can be done by phone or skype.

If you are interested in ordering this test please fill out the form below (please state if you're vegan or vegetarian and if you're also interested in the herbs and spices intolerance test)-

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