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There are so many different diets out there Atkins, Dukan, 5:2, cabbage soup, high fibre, low carbohydrate, blood type, paleo it’s easy to get confused and no one diet will work for everybody because we are all so different. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a test that shows you how you should be eating according to your own personal genetic make-up.

Well now there is. There is now a DNA test that will help you know not only the correct diet for you but also the type of exercise that suits your genes.

Genetic testing is now very popular and there are a number of tests available in the market right now. However it is getting very confusing to know just how valuable they are in terms of your present and future health. Some will measure over 750,000 genetic markers and tell you that you are at risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s and you like many others may not want to know that kind of information.

But there are some genes that can be measured that can give you more practical information about how you can make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that can change your present and future health.

There are genes that can indicate you might need to be more careful about gluten or dairy or that your body might need extra help detoxifying or that you should be eating more or less protein, fat or carbohydrates.

We tend to think of our genetic make-up being in the hands of fate and then shrugging off genetic conditions with an, “oh well, if it is all pre-determined there’s nothing I can do”. But this is far from true. Subtle differences in characteristics between us all are caused by a combination of:

1. genetic make-up (or genotype)
2. the environment in which you live and develop

A classic example of this is a person who inherits the gene for being tall (thanks to their genotype), but fails to reach their true height because of malnutrition (due to environmental factors that intervened). In this way, the environment can affect the intended working, or “expression” as it is called, of that gene.

The individual identifying traits or characteristics of a person such as their height for example are known as their “phenotype”.

The person’s phenotype is a combination of 1 and 2 above and is usually the combination of both genetic and environmental influences.

So it is not true to say we are ‘stuck’ with all our genes. Research is showing that we are all truly a mix of our genetic make-up and the environment in which our genes are exposed.

Before the concept of genotype and phenotype we would have talked about somebody’s constitution. The person who drank and smoked into their nineties would be praised for having a strong constitution and the one who died at 45, a weak one.

Yet we always realised the significance of the way we lived – whether we smoked or drank a lot – could make that constitution stronger or weaker.

It’s a cruel fact of life that some people can get away with much more than others simply because of the cards they were dealt at birth.

In terms of genetic testing we think it’s more important to know the genes that you can modify so that you can improve any potentially weak areas and actively improve and take more control of your overall health.

It is also important for your future health because what you learn about your genetic make-up can help you work on prevention.

Also information about your genes can be particularly helpful if you have failed in all your weight loss attempts so far.

Results have shown that if people follow a diet based on their genetic results then they lose 33% more weight than those who are on an untailored diet plan.

There is now a test that tells you exactly what you should be eating according to your genetic make-up. It measures 45 genetic markers which tell you:

• Your nutrient needs eg. Omega 3, vitamin D, folate and the B vitamins
• How well you detoxify
• Your salt and caffeine sensitivities
• Your level of tolerance to lactose
• Your sensitivity to weight gain based on your fat intake
• Whether you are at risk of being Coeliac
• Your ideal way to eat
• Your antioxidant needs
• What type and amount of exercise best suits your genetic make-up allowing you to achieve your full potential

Knowing this information is important for your general health because you might need higher levels of certain nutrients, you might need to be careful about gluten or dairy or your body might need extra help detoxifying.

DNA Test

You can now order your own DNA test and personalised nutrition report today to find out exactly how you should eat and how best to exercise according to your own personal genetic make-up to improve your overall health and help prevent or lower the risk of any of the major health problems so widespread today.

The test costs just £259 inc VAT and provides you with a comprehensive and detailed 39 page report.


This DNA test is only available with a nutritional consultation.

I don’t believe it’s correct for anyone to receive results of a DNA test without having a qualified professional explain what the results mean.

To an untrained eye it could be easy to misinterpret some of the results causing unnecessary concern and anxiety which could have been avoided if interpreted and explained properly to you.

A consultation will involve going through the results and will take half an hour and costs just £50 and you will also receive a glossy 39 page full colour printed report with all your results simply explained which you can show your friends and family or just look up various aspects of your results from time to time
If you prefer, the consultation can be done by phone or skype.

So if you want to know what foods you should be eating – and avoiding – according to your genetic make-up and what exercise routines work best for you or if have a particular health concern and want to ensure you are doing all you can to maximise your health in harmony with your DNA then you should order this test today.

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