Nutrition consultation

Investment- £85 (Skype and phone consultations also available)

A nutritional consultation involves building a detailed picture of your eating habits, medical history, lifestyle and any concerns you may have about your health. All this information will help us form an eating plan that suits your needs, lifestyle and daily commitments. Together we will go through beneficial foods and foods that are harmful to help you feel good in mind and body. You will receive a tailor made plan for you to follow and possibly a supplement protocol. Functional testing may also be recommended, this will all be explained in your consultation.

Some conditions I have helped clients with include-


- Insomnia

- Chronic stress

- Heart burn


- Menopause

- Depression

- Infertility

- Hypothyroidism

- Acne

- Joint pain

- Weight loss

- Weight gain


1 - 1 Or Group cooking

Investment- please contact for details

Healthy eating can be so quick and easy but sometimes it seems so difficult. This is why cooking workshops are so great as it gives people a chance to see how easy it can be, plus I will teach you all the little tricks to make it quicker! This can be on a variety of topics such as juicing, healthy eating on a budgets, family meals, packed lunches, quick, easy meals, you choose!


nutrition follow up

Investment- £50 (Skype and phone consultations also available)

It is advised you come for at least one follow up appointment to review your progress. Even if you havent seen much progress with your first plan, there are always more avenues to try when it comes to nutrition. There is lots to learn about when it come to diet and nutrition, so follow ups give us a chance to go through more tips on eating for optimal health.








1 - 1 Supermarket Shopping

Investment- Please contact for details

This is the same as above, however we go shopping together before hand. So many of my clients ask where I get my ingredients from and what the best brands are. I try and teach my clients to check labels before buying any food in a packet so during this shop I will teach you about meal planning, creating a shopping list, what to look for in the shops, as well as how to cook the meals when at home.


corporate nutrition

Investment- Please contact for details

Did you know? The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%. This is a massive number and as most of the UK have inadequate nourishment, businesses could improve productivity and therefore profit by introducing just a few simple changes. The main focus would be on stress management, energy levels (how to avoid the afternoon slump!), weight management and easy foods to bring to work. There are many other topics that can benefit the working environment, however these are always the most popular.





functional testing

Investment- Price depends on test

While recommending food and lifestyle changes may be enough for some individuals, this may not be enough for everyone. Sometimes further testing is needed to assess the factors that may be contributing to poor health. Functional testing aims to identify any imbalances or pathogens in the body. It gives us a more complete picture of the factors that may be contributing to an individuals health and therefore a more specific nutrition and supplement protocol can be put in place, which may allow more rapid and cost effective results. Some examples of functional tests are- stool analysis, adrenal stress profile, thyroid hormone profile, allergy testing, nutrient and toxic elemental analysis etc.

You can find out more information of certain tests on my 'Testing' page.

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