Super Clean 8 Week Detox Plan

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Super Clean 8 Week Detox Plan

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This e-book delivers an easy to follow and delicious 8 week plan that can become your way of life. 


  • 28 pages of information
  • daily meal plan for the full 8 weeks
  • all recipes provided
  • 16 new recipes
  • friendly food list
  • my top tips for detoxing
  • the best liver friendly foods
  • why you need to detox
  • what are the benefits of the plan
  • how to detox your environment
  • easy food swaps
  • supplement recommendations
  • how to keep it up after the 8 weeks

Here's what people are saying bout it!

Hi Emma, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you.
You have helped me change my nutritional life style completely.
I came to one of your nutrition workshops.
I was hooked on coffee, sweeteners, no fruit or veg in my diet and feeling lethargic.
I bought a juicer and blender the week after and have cut out 80% of dairy, wheat, sugar.
I juice every day and start the day with hot water and lemon.
I’ve had one coffee since, (a craving!) but converted to herbal teas and green tea and honey.
I’m trying to source organic produce when I can (not always easy!).
And have visited sound bites and stocked my cupboards with chia seeds, protein and hemp powder, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar etc.
I bought your detox diet, that I downloaded from your website. I’ve been doing that ever since.
I feel energized, healthy, happy and my skin, hair and nails are fab. I didn’t even get any headaches or feel grotty in the first two weeks, it’s been easy!.

Can’t thank you enough for inspiring me Emma. I turned 50 in February and so go into my new decade feeling FAB-U-LOUS!
— Kate