Emma really helped me to change my mind set about food..I feel so much more healthier and have lost weight ...I would definitely recommend Emma as she is very helpful and supportive x
— Louise Taylor
Emma is great, she worked with me a few years back when I was training for a half marathon. A couple of years later and a couple of stones heavier, I went back to her for some help. We had a chat, discussed my goals and she created a nutrition and workout plan for me follow, after only 6 weeks I had lost 18lbs, i felt great and my running was more enjoyable again. I can’t recommend Emma strongly enough.
— Paul Fletcher
Emma is FANTASTIC! I’m truly grateful for all of her support through the last week.

My Mum is type 2 diabetic on insulin and this is a result of not knowing the right foods for her and being given incorrect advise. My mum blood sugar levels have gone from 14 to 9 so going forward the possibility of coming off it is likely. Possible is everything when you get the right information.
I’m looking forward to the results we will achieve as my mum has started walking on her own and climbing a few steps plus SMILING!

Highly recommend!!
— Katie Thompson
Emma recommended Glutagenics to sort out the problems i was having with acid reflux. I had been using Omeprazole for about 18 months, and was really struggling to wean myself off. Emma recommended apple cider vinegar and the Glutagenics, and they have worked a treat. She certainly knows her stuff!
— Jill Johnston
Hi Emma, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you.

You have helped me change my nutritional life style completely.

I came to one of your nutrition workshops. I was hooked on coffee, sweeteners, no fruit or veg in my diet and feeling lethargic. I bought a juicer and blender the week after and have cut out 80% of dairy, wheat, sugar. I juice every day and start the day with hot water and lemon. I’ve had one coffee since, (a craving!) but converted to herbal teas and green tea and honey. I’m trying to source organic produce when I can (not always easy!). And have visited sound bites and stocked my cupboards with chia seeds, protein and hemp powder, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar etc. I bought your detox diet, that I downloaded from your website. I’ve been doing that ever since. I feel energized, healthy, happy and my skin, hair and nails are fab. I didn’t even get any headaches or feel grotty in the first two weeks, it’s been easy!.

Can’t thank you enough for inspiring me Emma. I turned 50 in February and so go into my new decade feeling FAB-U-LOUS!
— Kate Dawes
Emma’s advice is unrivalled! She’s guided me through loosing 2.5st while carefully monitoring me to make sure it was fat loss not muscle loss & continues to give me advice on a weekly basis.

She’s connected with reality and understands people have busy lives and has, through nutrition, helped friends with everything from heartburn to fertility problems.

Her consulting room is in a beautiful old building with a courtyard (very private) where there’s also a fitness studio.
— Carolyn Delehanty
Emma is a brilliant, inspirational trainer and her knowledge about nutrition is huge - I love her and her recipes!
— Squash Falconer
Visited Emma because of tiredness and continuous bloating, within one month and a new nutrition plan I am totally fixed and no more tablets for me - HIghly recommend!
— Stuart Baddiley