Surya Namaskar A -

This is an easy, short yoga flow which is at the beginning of the Ashtanga Primary Series. It can be used as a warm up to a longer practice, or done on it's own 3-5 times as a wake up yoga practice.

This is suitable for beginners and the more advanced. I have only demonstrated the beginner level flow here due to being pregnant, but the only difference is keeping your knees off the floor when lowering your body down. You will then be in chaturanga (picture below), and you will go into full upward dog with your legs off the floor (picture below).

The beginners flow is safe in pregnancy, but please listen to your body and stop if it feels uncomfortable, especially when going into upwards dog or cobra. You may want to go straight into downward dog from high plank, rather than go down to the floor (especially if you're quite far along and have a beautiful big bump! :-) ).

Surya Namaskar B

This flow is slightly longer and more intense than Surya Namaskar B. It's a good idea to do a few rounds of A and then more onto B. Again, this is also in the Ashtanga Primary Series. Typically in Ashtanga you would practice 3-5 fronds of A, and then 3-5 rounds of B.

This is also suitable for beginners, but take your time with it and try not to rush.

If you are pregnant you can practice this, however if you are quite far along and have a beautiful big bump, please go from high plank straight into downward dog, rather than lowering your body down and doing upward dog or cobra. Remember to listen to your own body.

Seated Sequence to Mobilise the Spine

This is the perfect yoga sequence to do if you've had a hard day at work, your back aches, and you can't be bothered to do anything energetic! You can do this while in front of the TV (although obviously it's best to do it in silence to help fully switch off!), at work, before bed...anywhere really!

It feels so good to move the spine, so try and do this, or incorporate this into your daily yoga routine.

This is suitable for beginners and doing pregnancy. Remember to listen to your body and don't push it if it doesn't feel right.